i'm ali i'm nineteen years old and I love The Band
sometimes other music too
but mostly The Band
especially Rick Danko


whimpering-pines asked
22, 23

favourite breakfast: i have a skim latte with two sugars and an apple every single day and i have no intention of changing it 

favourite sexual position: i’ll get back to y’all when i have sex hows that 

thiefandidigit asked
Book faded brown!

favourite book: ohhh man first one and i cant answer it 

jonathan strange and mr norrel 

or the thousand autumns of jacob de zoet

or cloud atlas 

or the book of negroes 

or memoirs of a geisha 

one of those (all of those) 

The Band-Themed Ask


  1. When You Awake:  What do you think about when you first wake up?
  2. Get Up, Jake:  Morning person or night person?
  3. Book Faded Brown:  Favorite book
  4. Chest Fever: What do you do when you’re suffering heartbreak?
  5. ife is a Carnival: What do you do for fun?
  6. The Weight: What is worrying you right now?
  7. Look Out, Cleveland:  Favorite place(s) to go on vacation
  8. Whispering Pines:  A secret you wish to divulge
  9. Stage Fright:  Something that you are afraid of
  10. Strawberry Wine:  Favorite alcoholic beverage
  11. It Makes No Difference:  Something you don’t care about
  12. I Shall Be Released:  Song you want played at your funeral
  13. Tears of Rage:  Something that makes you sad or angry
  14. Long Black Veil: What do you think happens after we die?
  15. Across the Great Divide:   Are you currently missing someone?
  16. Time to Kill:  Is there anything or anyone you would kill or die for?
  17. King Harvest (Has Surely Come):  What is your favorite time of year?
  18. This Wheel’s on Fire:  Dream car
  19. Forbidden Fruit:  What’s something you want but can never have, for whatever reason?
  20. The Rumor:  Have you ever had a rumor started about you?
  21. The Shape I’m In:  Do you exercise?
  22. Orange Juice Blues:  Favorite breakfast
  23. Jemima Surrender:  Favorite sexual position
  24. Unfaithful Servant:    Has your favorite member of The Band always been the same?  Has it changed?
  25. We Can Talk:  5 random facts about yourself
  26. Christmas Must Be Tonight:  favorite holiday
  27. Share Your Love:   Have you turned any friends into fans?
  28. Rag Mama Rag:  Least favorite song by The Band